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Kristin Schmucker

Kristin is the CEO and Visionary for The Daily Grace Co, which exists to equip disciples to know and love God and His Word by creating beautiful, theologically rich, and accessible resources so that God may be glorified and the gospel made known. She founded the company nine years ago, and spends her time leading our amazing team and strategizing new and innovative ways for us to better serve our customers and equip disciples. She is captivated by the Word of God due to the impact it has made on her life, and she loves sharing her passion for the Word with others. 

Jeremy Schmucker 

Jeremy is the President at The Daily Grace Co. As President, he implements the strategic vision of the CEO by leading the Executive Team and Leadership Team. Jeremy has also spent the past 20 years involved in local church ministry, holding a variety of positions in music ministry, discipleship training, and pastoral ministry. He loves to preach and teach the Word of God. He holds masters degrees from Southwestern Seminary and Westminster Seminary. In 2020 Jeremy and Kristin adopted two children from Costa Rica, completing their home with five children, ages 6-11, plus they have one additional child who waits for them in heaven. Jeremy enjoys spending his weekends with the family, going bowling, or playing golf.

Krystal Dickson

Krystal Dickson is the Editorial Director for The Daily Grace Co and one of the co-hosts for the Daily Grace podcast. She is passionate about equipping women in the local church to know and love God through deep study of His Word. Previously, Krystal has served as a women’s ministry director teaching the Bible and writing content for her church. She loves teaching the Bible and encouraging women to make disciples in whatever context they are in.

Shelby Turner

Shelby Turner is a writer turned speaker who lives near the Houston Metro Area. She drinks more coffee than she should, but still can’t seem to keep up with her four young children. By night she spends her time folding mountainous piles of laundry and calming toddler tantrums, by day she is the Director of Content for The Daily Grace Co and a co-host of The Daily Grace Podcast.

Her passion in life is helping women know and love God and His Word. She is particularly passionate about helping women understand that the Bible is not only for pastors and professors, it is for them and it applies to their everyday lives—their taking care of little ones, making it through the work day, and waking to do it all again tomorrow lives. Her very favorite topic to speak on is how women can become not only hearers, but doers of the Word of God because she loves seeing women joyfully walking in the will and ways of God.


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