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0110 - Digital Bonus

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Ronda R.
Very beautiful

This is very good study. I bought some for my daughter and I. You read the Psalm then you have a devotional section to read then you answer 3 questions. It is very beautifully laid out. It gives you study suggestions, weekly reflections and what is the gospel. You will really enjoy this.

Monica H.
Downloads for Psalm Study

So thankful to have access to the downloads as well as the book!

A Great Second Book in the Psalms Series

I bought all three Psalms books, which got me from Psalm 1 to Psalm 90. This second book was so great to have after having read the first book. I was so grateful that they had another book to continue studying the Psalms. They are beautiful chapters, and the book really expounds upon the chapters and helps you to connect it to other stories of the Bible. It's a format of read the chapter, read the page to page and a half about the chapter and then answer three questions. It's simple and very easy to understand and use. The weekly review questions aren't the greatest, if I'm being honest. After having done them for 6 weeks in the first book, they were kind of "old" doing them for another 6 weeks. They can also be kind of hard to answer at time, so I didn't feel like I was getting a huge amount of value from them.

Annie H.
Simple but deep

I homeschool and Daily Grace Co.'s Bible studies are my favorite studies to use with my high schoolers. It amazes me how simple this study seems but it is deep. It really has to thinking about God and His character. The more you know God's character the more you know you can trust Him. My 14 year old says that she wishes the review questions weren't the same each time. Other than that we love it and highly recommend it.

Avery B.
Psalms 31-60

I’m so excited to go through this book with my girls in my small group!!