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From Death to Life | 40 Days of Dying to Self and Living for Christ - Men

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From Death to Life | 40 Days of Dying to Self and Living for Christ - Men

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What does it look like to live for Christ? How do we pursue obedience to Jesus while battling our sinful flesh? How do we have hope on this side of eternity as we live with the presence of sin? If these are the questions you have, then From Death to Life: 40 Days of Dying to Self and Living for Christ is the study for you.

From Death to Life is a 40-day study that centers on the beauty of the gospel and how Christ’s grace and forgiveness encourage us to die to ourselves and live for Jesus. While this study was designed to be a companion for the season of Lent, it can also be used year-round!

This study will:

  • Explain the seriousness of your sin and your need for Jesus.
  • Describe how the gospel changes you and the new life Jesus calls you to.
  • Reveal the sins you struggle with and the hope Jesus gives you for these sins.
  • Help you evaluate the sins in your life and encourage you to rest in the strength Jesus provides to fight against them.
  • Point you to the hope that is found in Christ for your sin.
  • Motivate your obedience and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Key themes or topics covered: Salvation, sin, forgiveness, sanctification, glorification, and more.

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Customer Reviews

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Kelley W.
Great Study

This was my first study purchased. It has been great so far! Here are a couple pros and cons:

- lots of great points and questions provided to keep you thinking!
- incorporates the bible
- elegant design!

- sometimes the bible verse references seemed random. When I went to search them in the bible, they were a lot of times in the middle of the paragraph or story and I felt like I should read the whole thing to grasp the true idea it was provoking , instead of bits and pieces. The references all made sense, but I wish the references incorporated the whole story.
- it’s too pretty to write in! (But I got over it! Haha! )

Overall, I recommend! The Lord used it and I got some great things from it! Thanks, Daily Grace Co!

S A.A.
Awesome study

This was my first Daily Grace study & I loved it. The daily breakdown & reflection questions flowed well and I saw myself (and where I need to adjust). The wording was easy to understand and connect to and the book is nicely designed/appealing.

Taylar W.
love this so mcuh

I felt like I was convicted a lot during this study because I didn't realize how self-consumed I was. This was really an eye opener for me and I loved every day of it. I looked forward to it every day.

Deep and Impactful

I lead this study at church with a group of three other women. We all loved it! Part 2 of the study that focused in on the sins of our hearts was especially impactful. We were each challenged to take a deeper look at our life and where there might be "hidden" sin that we need to confess. This is a great study to do anytime, but it was especially meaningful leading up to Easter. Our hearts were better prepared to recognize are deep need for salvation and to celebrate the sacrifice Christ made on the cross out of his great love for each one of us.

Dina S.
Quality Bible Studies

I have been very impressed with the quality of all the products. Not only is the study information interesting, the quality of the books are so nice, The photographs on the Bible Study books are so beautiful. I love picking up my Bible study books at the end of the day and studying. Thank you for the opportunity to study and learn such beautiful and in-depth study books.