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Scripture Memory Guide

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Scripture Memory Guide

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The Scripture Memory Guide is a guide to help disciples begin or build upon their journeys of committing God's Word to memory. Scripture memorization is a spiritual discipline that is for every believer. While it is hard work that requires intentional time and effort, it is a worthy endeavor. This booklet goes over why this spiritual discipline is a rich practice that is accessibly for everyone, combats common excuses against memorizing Scripture, offers various strategies that are categorized by different learning styles, and so much more.

This book is designed to help you treasure God's Word in your heart in a very practical way. Whether you want to memorize individual verses or extended passages of Scripture, this guide will help you get started and encourage you to press on when it gets hard.
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Customer Reviews

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I have been wanting to start memorizing more Bible verses and this book has been absolutely amazing. It has really helped me keep track of the ones I’m learning. Plus I can always refer back to them!!

Yekaterina C.
Great Jumpstart

I’ve always had a practice of memorizing scripture. We had to do it for youth group and I kept doing it with verses I loved. Reading this had be referring back to all those I had memorized and taught me the importance of intent. I enjoyed this quick read and I feel that it really rekindled the desire to memorize more scriptures.

R J.
Great for encouragement between Bible studies

Consider giving this to your Bible study group between Bible studies… great for a gift. It allows for independent work and you can also regroup to share what you have memorized.

Scripture Memory

This really helped me! I was putting off memorizing verses & this little book pointed out all my “reasons” for doing so. It really helps you see the importance of scripture memorization in a way that helped me stay excited to do so!

Grace A.
This is so helping me with my scripture memorization!

For all who is struggling with memorizing scripture, this is the devotional for you!! It has totally help me memorize it!! It’s an amazing tool to have!