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Sophia Learns to Pray - Children's Book

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Sophia Learns to Pray - Children's Book

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Sophia Learns to Pray follows 8-year-old Sophia when she misplaces her very best friend, Norman the teddy bear. Sophia hasn’t prayed before, but her Dad helps her pray for Norman to return. Through the loss and eventual return of her teddy bear, Sophia learns that God hears and answers every prayer in the right time and way. 

Children ages 2 and up will love this beautifully illustrated and engaging story. Parents will appreciate its theologically rich and thoughtful introduction to prayer.

See the rest of the Sophia series: Sophia Shares Her Hope.
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Customer Reviews

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Melinda M.
an excellent & realistic book about prayer

I loved that this book was realistic about prayer. In it, Sophia's prayer is not answered instantly. And through the process, she learns to pray and also learns to have courage and peace without the thing she's praying for. At the end, her original prayer IS answered, but she acknowledges that she would have been fine at that point even if God answered with a no, and the focus is on how she grew through the process of waiting for the answer.

Jessica U.
Sophia Learns to Pray

Such a beautifully written story for young readers to learn the power of prayer!

Brittany L.
Sweet little book.

I bought this as a gift for my sister to read to her daughters. I know that my sister prays to herself but I don’t know that they pray together as a family and I thought this might encourage them to do so. We grew up in a home where we never heard our parents pray so it took me years to pray out loud in front of anyone, but I’m at a place where I’m comfortable doing so and know that it brings a lot of comfort to my children when I pray with them. So hopefully this will help encourage my sister and her little girls to be able to do so as well.

Liza F.

Well for one, I have a niece who's name is Sophia so this was perfect! But also I love at the end of this book it explains what the gospel is, that is so incredible! So not only is this a great book for your children but it's a way to disciple them as well within your household!

My kids love this book!

I love stocking my shelves with books that teach my kids without them even realizing it. :) This one is simple yet profound!