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Wellness Journal

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Wellness Journal

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It’s time to accomplish your wellness goals! We know that wellness is so much more than workouts and healthy eating—it’s cultivating gratefulness, taking vitamins, staying hydrated, and caring for your body intentionally. This 90-Day Wellness Journal is designed to approach wellness holistically, helping you to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you’re wishing to refine your current wellness routines or you’re just beginning to take hold of your health, this journal will help you develop wellness habits that have the potential to change the trajectory of your life.

You'll love...

—Goal Action Plan Pages | Set your goals and stick to them with intentional action steps and planning pages to make your goals a reality.

—Weekly Pages | Plan your meals and workouts at the start of each week

—Daily Pages | Track your progress, movement, meals, and habits to keep you cultivating what matters.

—Monthly Refresh Pages | Reflect on your goals, celebrate wins, and prepare yourself for the coming month.

—Motivations & Encouragements | Find uplifting text throughout the journal to help you find motivation even on the hardest of days.

Whatever other goals you have—whatever matters most to you—your wellness is the foundation that makes it all possible. The happier and healthier life you desire starts by accomplishing little goals that build heathy habits over time. Now is a great time to take your health seriously and this wellness journal is here to help!

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Customer Reviews

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Brittany C.
Wellness Journal

This journal is really helpful in tracking your spiritual, physical, and mental transitions, helping track your goals and daily thoughts on each change.

Huge help!

Just started using the wellness journal - I'm loving the accountability and looking forward to seeing my progress!

Beautiful and so helpful

This journal is wonderful for helping me set my priorities when it comes to wellness. I especially love the food log section so I can review every week what I've been fueling my body with.

Elizabeth R.
Excellent Tool for my Health Journey

I have lost 94 lbs in the last year and my current goal is to keep the weight off. I had to get control of my health (as I am aging) to stop or delay the negative effects of being obese before it is too late!!! This will be an excellent tool for setting goals, tracking my progress, and living out these plans!