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Fix Your Focus Card Set

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Fix Your Focus Card Set

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Do you struggle to make time for God?

We’ve created this set with 52  cards full of prompts and Scripture to guide you as you seek to grow in Christ over the year. Each card includes a verse of Scripture to memorize and a weekly affirmation. 

This set was designed to be paired with Fix Your Focus - A 52-Week Guide to Help You Put God First.

These cards are made of heavy-weighted, 400gsm professional cardstock. The small 4” x 4” size makes them easy to take with you on the go, helping you fix your focus all year long.

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Customer Reviews

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Lynda P.
Exactly what I needed!

I was fascinated by the overview of this book and I haven't been disappointed. For months, my weeks had felt "off" and out of joint, even when I'd spent time planning ahead. Based on the description (and my previous experience with all things TDGC being excellent and beyond expectation), I ordered the book on January 1. I gave it a quick preview as soon as it arrived, but didn't actually begin to use it until mid-February. First thing I loved about it - no dates! Which means I began my journey without guilt of already being behind! The second aspect I loved was the first focus of each week and the purpose behind that focus: journaling (which for me usually turns into prayer) about my thoughts, fears, dreams, hopes, etc for the coming week. What a brilliant concept to get all that out of my mind so I can truly focus on the week ahead in light of who God is. That being said, the very next section does just that: directs my focus on God - in the initial weeks, I journaled all about my heart for the coming weeks and then dutifully answered/ prayed the prompts about/ to God (God, you are ... God I feel ... God forgive me ...). Within a few times, however, I found God directing my thoughts toward His character and His work even as I journaled my hopes and expectations and anticipated problems for the upcoming week; He was already changing my focus to Him and His desire even as I journaled. The next section turns my heart to prayer for others, and since I just finishing review of who God is, it has become easier to pray His will in the lives of my loved ones and friends. Turning the page (always the same format, lol) - is the verse to focus on for the week - meditate and see what I can learn about God, myself and action to take as a result. I jot little notes right around the verse, then write that verse across the pages of my journal, copying over each time I begin a new page. This has become a good way to keep that verse before me continually, without having to return to the book itself. After that, I am prompted to gratitude and thankfulness regarding the past week, but with the twist (focus) on HOW God has shown His faithfulness. Love. This. because it reflects the basis for true thankfulness and gratitude: God's demonstration of His character in my life, pushing me to acknowledge His hand at work and His role in everything in my life. This has increased my joy in daily life, not to mention the depth of that for which I am grateful. Next is a section I believe is sorely missing emphasis in today's Christian world: spiritual disciplines for growth, specifically in this book Rest, Fast, Fellowship, Serve. A convenient description of each with suggested application is located at the beginning of the book. These disciplines rotate through each week, giving time for continued development. The weekly exercise moves on to a section of application (ie, specific plan for daily time in God's word and prayer, to-do list, priorities, etc) and concludes with an affirmation based on the verse studied. Personally, I make notes in the book, but also write into my daily journal the verse, the prayer focus (4-5 people), the spiritual discipline and the affirmation - this helps remind me of the what I spent time studying and learning and keeps my focus fixed on God and His plans and purpose for my week. I will say that the weeks I am diligent to do this (even if I don't complete until mid-week - don't laugh lol), I have seen greater daily focus & accomplishment, purpose for each day and my mind turning more and more often to the Lord and His word. Bottom line - if you don't already have a system in place that helps you look toward each week with anticipation, knowing you are walking into what is ahead prepared with God's word and His purpose in hand - this is a tremendous resource!!

Great way to prep for your week on Sunday!

I'm really enjoying this Fix Your Focus book. I did originally think that it would be a devotional for each day rather than a weekly refresh type of thing, but I'm glad it's formatted the way it is. The verses and prompts are great, it forces me to reflect on my week (which I normally don't do just because I find it 'boring') which is a good thing, because then I can identify where God has been working, and the pictures are beautiful! Highly reccommend.

Kelli A.
So excited..

I know people want to read reviews after a product has been received but I am just too excited to receive these cards as a gift for Mom for Valentine's Day. I don't know if I can wait for Mother's Day! I recently purchased a men's tin of cards for my father and they are perfect, so I'm expecting these will be too. We all need uplifting from time to time, am I right?! <3 :)