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I Am - Who Jesus Is Changes Everything

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I Am - Who Jesus Is Changes Everything

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If someone asked you who you were, how would you respond? We all have different ways of describing ourselves whether it be by role, nationality, or personality. But who does Jesus say that He is? And why does this matter?

I Am is a four-week, in-depth study on the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus. Through this study, you will explore specific Old Testament passages that connect to Jesus’s statements before diving deep into what each statement means.

As you study Jesus’s words, you will grow in your knowledge of who Jesus is and learn how who Jesus is truly changes everything.

This study will:

* Break down the seven "I Am" statements in the book of John

* Uncover how God’s qualities are the very embodiment of who He is

* Discover how Jesus’s self-revelation through the seven statements impacts not only our eternity, but our everyday.

* Aim to stir your affections for the Lord

Special resources within the study:

* Study Suggestions 

* How to Study the Bible 

* Attributes of God 

* Timeline of Scripture 

* Metanarrative of Scripture 

Key themes or topics covered: The characteristics of God, our relationship with Christ, faithfulness in fulfillment

Details (size of book, number of pages, general layout):

* This study is perfect for individuals or groups.

* Each week contains 5 days of study material, including daily study questions, a weekly memory verse, and weekly reflection questions.

* Measures 8” x 10”.

* Includes 171 pages.

Interested in leading a group through I Am? Check out the Group Leader Kit HERE (

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Marissa V.
My favorite study so far!

I absolutely loooooved this study sooo much!!!!! It was sooo thought provoking and I loved each and every question asked while also enjoying every detail breaking down the 7 I AM statements and more!!! Go do this study as soon as you can. You will get so much out of it!!!


This is AMAZING! I didn't even realize the study guides came with the digital bonuses! The app is fantastic.. great for when you're stuck somewhere that you weren't planning on. Everything from Daily Grace has been PERFECT!!!

Holly B.
Digital Bonus

I am so thankful for the digital copy of the study! I gave away my book so this has been a blessing to me to be able to continue in the study and allow someone else to as well! I like that it is easily accessed and I can go back and review and reread things too. I like how the Scripture is right there too.

Love the digital access!

I love the digital access of the Bible study because I didn’t have to wait for shipping to dive into it! I also have a baby so a book isn’t always convenient when I’m holding her. It allows me to stay on track no matter what the day looks like!

Cassidy I.
I AM Study Book

I am so excited for this study! I have decided to use this study to outreach to my neighborhood this summer as an evangelism opportunity! What better way to start a conversation about faith than to learn who Jesus Himself says He is! It is well organized and absolutely beautiful!