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Psalms Bundle

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Psalms Bundle

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Psalms Bundle

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This set of four studies in our Walk Through the Psalms series includes:

Delight (Psalms 1-30):

Delight is a 6-week study of the first 30 Psalms. It takes an in-depth look at the character of God and His faithfulness and goodness to His people through every circumstance of life. It reminds us that no matter what we face, we can trust Him.

Wait (Psalms 31-60): 

Wait is a study that takes an in-depth look at Psalms 31-60. The study focuses on the character of God that is revealed in the Psalms, and it encourages us to trust Him through seasons of waiting and suffering. This study is for anyone who wants to know more of who God is and see how who God is changes the way that we should live as His people. This study is now printed on matte paper

Seek (Psalms 61-90): 

This is a 6-week study of Psalms 61-90. This study looks closely at 30 psalms that remind us to worship and call us to draw near to God because He has drawn near to us. These psalms encourage us in seasons of waiting and remind us to look to Jesus. They remind us that God is near to His people no matter what they are facing.

Praise (Psalms 91-120):

Praise is an in-depth 6 week study of Psalms 91–120 that helps us understand how we can live worshipful lives throughout every season of life. This study encourages our hearts to give God glory and spread His glory over the earth as we share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Trust (Psalms 121-150):

Trust: A Walk Through Psalms 121–150 is a 6-week study. This study looks closely at 30 psalms that remind us to look to God and rest in who He is in our moments of hardship. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 269 reviews
Kaylee Y.
Beautiful Psalms bundle!

I am so excited to get started in these Psalms studies! The books are lovely and I love how the studies are set up.

Alinah N.

I’m in love with the design and layout of each book. Excited to dive in!

cailey c.
Great studies!!

These are so beautiful! Easy to understand and brings you closer to god!

Janice L.
Thoughts on Psalms

Everyday, After I have my regular Bible reading and Prayer time, I read a psalm before heading off to work. Since getting the Psalm bundle I have added that to my reading. What a blessing to read the authors thoughts and take the time to reflect and answer the questions! It adds a lot to my time with the Lord Thank you!

Great tool for beginners!

The books are GORGEOUS! I like how the study of Psalms is broken down to 5 books (studies). Makes it less intimidating and overwhelming. The questions are thought provoking and help to dig deeper into His word. I look forward to completing each of the books!