Yahweh Necklace - Gold
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Yahweh Necklace


This necklace is 18k gold plated and is adjustable from 16-18 inches.

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Gorgeous necklace

Love that I can give my daughters a necklace that holds a special meaning ♥️

Amazing Service & Arrived Quickly

I was really impressed with the service I received. They emailed me when the item shipped, which was the morning after I had ordered it.

Very Nice!

Jewelry Bracelet

First, let me say that every time I have placed an order with Daily Grace it has arrived in a timely manner and packaged well. 
This last order consisted of some necklaces and a bracelet. 
The necklaces were nice. I wish they were not as orange gold, but more of a yellow gold. Orange color gives it a cheaper look. The name plate is very very small as is the script. Wish both were a little bigger. Hard to have it a discussion starter when no one can see it. I love the meaning answer what they intended, just wish it was more subtle in color and bigger script and plate.

The bracelet was of good quality, still same issue- small plate. It feels like it is sturdy.

I will order from Daily Grace again,but it may not be for jewelry.



I love the necklace...I had it for a couple of days and on Friday I went to a worship night, I felt in my heart God wanted me to give it to this girl who was worshiping her heart out. I pulled her to the side and said God wants you to know he is with you. I bought this necklace because it saw Yahweh on it in Hebrew. She cried and said she needed to know He was with her

Skinny Love

I love this necklace and was so excited to receive it. I have worn it almost everyday since I received it. I even used it as the basis for my lesson during a devotional time when at a youth retreat as one of the leaders. It's really cute. The only slight downside - as previously stated in some other reviews - is that the bar is smaller than expected, so the writing is also pretty small. From a standard distance people probably won't be able to tell what's written on it. People will most likely have to invade your "personal bubble" in order to get a proper view. But I don't regret getting it, I still love it and love the wonderful message behind it that I can't wait to continue to share with other people.